How to Generate Auto Tags for Youtube Videos.

Youtube is gaining much viewers day by day.Its popularity is increasing world wide.As the numbers of Youtubers are increasing the competition for their videos are also becoming tough.Tags are the words that give your video an identity.Search engines and Youtube itself sort out videos on the basis of title,description and tags of your video.Tags are very important from the search engine optimization point of view.There are many methods and techniques by using which you can find highly raked and high search volume keywords.Here I will discuss two very powerful tools for finding effective tags for Youtube channel videos.

Keywords Everywhere:

Keywords everywhere is an extension which can be downloaded.It is easily available in chrome.You can download and install it in simple few steps.Upon successful installation of it, it will be shown in your browser.

After installing the extension all the keywords used in the videos you search for will be visible to you.It will show all the details of the keyword i.e its search volume,CPC and many more.You can add any of those keywords in your keywords library and can use them in your videos.It is very easy process which you will understand upon its usage.

Rapid Tags: is a website which generates tags and keyword automatically.You can use these keywords in your videos and gain more audience.It is very simple.Just go to the website of rapid tags.Enter title of your video and click on search button.It will display the relevant tags for your title.You can simply copy them and paste it in your insert tags option of Youtube. You can analyse these tags with the help of Keywords everywhere tool.

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