How  to Start Freelancing on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a market place for freelancers.It provides platform for both sellers and buyers.It was founded in 2010 and is very popular now a days.In this tutorial you will learn about:

  1. Why Fiverr?
  2. How Fiverr works.
  3. How to start earning on Fiverr

Why Fiverr:

As there are many other freelancing websites exist and proviide services to clients and customers.Here arises a question: Why should I prefer Fiverr on other websites?Its answer is that there is no any strict restriction on fiver.On many other freelancing websites there are so many strict goals which you have to complete else your account will be suspended.

How Fiverr Works:

Fiverr works on a principal that:

Registration on Fiverr is free.Buyers place their order on can provide their services to the buyers and get paid.

How to Start Earning on Fiverr:

Follow the steps carefully to start your earnings from fiverr.This is written in very simple way so that more people can get benefit from it.

1.Register on

Go to: and register yourself on Fiverr.After getting registered yourself log in to your account.

2.Create your Gigs

Gigs are the portfolios of your services.Only such buyers request will be visible to you which is relevant to your Gig.Make your gigs attractive so that your customer can be impressed and prefer you on others.There are many areas on which you can  create gigs.These all categories are available on the website.You can see gigs of others on the website.Make your Gigs as attractive as of other successful sellers.

                                                    How to Create Gig

You can create maximum seven Gigs as a beginner.Later with up-gradation of your account it will increase.

3. Find work/Buyer Requests:

Go to the buyers requests section.Here all the available tasks relevant to your expertise are shown to you.You can place your requests there.The buyer will see all the proposals and will hand over his task to one of them.

                                                  Buyer Requests                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            After Completion of the task the payment will be transferred to your Fiverr account which can be transferred in to your bank account or can be with drawn with PayPal,Pioneer  and many other payment methods.

Tips for Successful Freelancer on Fiverr:

  • Have patience(In the beginning it is bit difficult to find work easily after getting few positive feed backs on completion of tasks you will get more chances of getting more buyers requests)
  • Do not exchange your email or other account i.e facebook,skype e.t.c information in messaging with the buyer.
  • Read terms and conditions of Fiverr carefully and follow them.


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